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    29/09/2021 - OligoRARE -Stereotactic bodyradiotherapy in addition to standard of care tretment in patients with rare oligometastatic cancers (OligoRARE): a randomized, phase 3, open-label trial


    06/2021 - OligoCare E²-RADIatE -OligoCare: A pragmatic observational cohort study to evaluate radical radiotherapy for oligo-metastatic cancer patients


    09/02/2021 - DART- Stereotactic body radiotherapy with or without Darolutamide for OligoRecurrent prostate cancer: a randomized phase II trial

    26/01/2021 - DEBIO 1143-301- A randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, Phase 3 study of Debio 1143 in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy and standard fractionation intensity-modulated radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, suitable for definitive chemoradiotherapy (TrilynX).

    14/12/2020 - EORTC-1635-BTG- "IDH mutated 1p/19q intact lower grade glioma following resection: Wait Or Treat? The I-WOT study"

    09/12/2020 - EORTC1740- Randomized Phase II study of Cisplatin plus Radiotherapy versus Durvalumab plus Radiotherapy followed by Maintenance Durvalumab versus Durvalumab plus Radiotherapy followed by Maintenance Tremelimumab and Durvalumab in Intermediate Risk HPV-Positive Locoregionally Advanced Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Cancer

    09/2020 - ENGOT-cx11/MK3475-A18- A randomized, phase 3, double-blind study of chemoradiotherapy with or without Pembrolizumab for the treatment of high-risk, locally advanced cervical cancer

    06/2020 - IMMUNO SABR- Phase II study examining the activity of L19-IL2 immunotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in metastatic non small cell lung cancer.

    08/05/2019 - PEGASUS- A Phase 2, Randomized, Open-label, 3-arm Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of relacorilant in Combination with Nab-paclitaxel for Patients with Platinum-resistant Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

    25/03-2019 - ROBOMET- Improving quality of life with stereotactic Radiation oncology for Bone metastates.

    25/03/2019 - SAVE- A Phase II randomized, open-label study comparing salvage radiotherapy in combination with 6 months of andorgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) with LHRH agonist or antagonist versus anti-androgen therapy (AAT) with apalutamide in patients with biochemical progression after radical prostatectomy.

    04/03/2019 - DOSIS RCT-SPINE SBRT- Dose intensified Image-guided fractionated Stereotactic body radiation therapy for painful spinal metastases versus conventional radiation therapy: a phase II randomised controlled trial

    IORT PARTIAL BREAST RT- Oncological outcome and cosmesis after intraoperative partial breast irradiation in early stage breast cancer patients: a prospective observational study.

    SBRT LEVERMETASTASEN- National registration of patients with liver metastases treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy.




    13/12/2018 - CHEERS- CHEckpoint inhibition in combination with an immunoboost of External body Radiotherapy in Solid tumors: CHEERS-trial. Een bestralingsboost na 4 cycli immuuntherapie.

    23/10/2018 - EORTC1709- A phase III trial of marizomib in combinaton with standard temozolomide-base radiochemotherapy vs standard temozolomide-base radiochemotherapy alone in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

    10/08/2018 - STORM- PEACE V: A randomized phase II trial for the Salvage Treatment of OligoRecurrent nodal prostate cancer Metastases (STORM)

    11/07/2018 - ROAM-EORTC1308-ROG- Radiation versus Observation following surgical resection of Atypical Meningioma: a randomised controlled trial.

    23/05/2017 - PART-CTOR17001UZL- Elective Para-Aortic Radiotherapy (PART) for pN1 prostate cancer: a phase 2 trial using Arc Therapy (IMAT/VMAT)

    30/03/2016 - ATLAS - 56021927PCR3003- A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Phase 3 Study of JNJ-56021927 in Subjects with High-risk, Localized or Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Receiving Treatment with Primary Radiation Therapy

    01/01/2016 - ADJ RT BLAASCA UZ GENT- Adjuvant radiotherapy after cystectomy for patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer: a phase II trial.

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